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A collection of artists that rock a growth mindset in a creative sort of way.


The PRO Team was formed to celebrate the contributions of PRO EDU community artists. These team members demonstrate a positive example to the photography community through a consistent growth mindset. 


They set a positive and thoughtful example for other artists to follow and are solution based individuals seeking answers to unknown questions.


The group was formed not by the quality of their work or number of social media followers, but by the quality of their actions online and willingness to seek personal growth for themselves and others on the same path, no matter what.



They acknowledge that there are no secrets in photography and are always willing to help others looking to master their own craft. Members are chosen privately based on interactions they display in the photography community and their participation in our collective photo experience as artists. 

Irina Jomir

Favorite PRO EDU Tutorial:
 Im having quite many tutorials from PRO EDU, it’s been a huge source of knowledge for me since the beginning of my career as photographer. All of them are very valuable. Perhaps the one I like the most is Kate Woodman’s Narrative Photography and The Science of Color. I think storytelling is more complex, very creative and inspirational indeed. Kate is a master in this field and learning from her is a great opportunity to level up. In The Science of Color she teaches importance of the right color choice, the affect is has on audience, emotional connection to it and how how to skillfully use it in your work. In Narrative Photography Kate shares her strategies in conceptualizing ideas, walks you through 6 different setups and breaks down her workflow from the being till the end. To me, two of these tutorials are complimentary and I’d recommend to watch them both. These have inspired me to create a new body of work.


ABOUT: I’m a portrait, fine art and maternity photographer based in Norway. Originally from Moldova, I grew up in a family where every one was expressing himself in some form of art or sports professionally. So it was only natural that I take same path. My passion for arts and inner need to express my emotional views on the world visually led me to choose photography as my medium.


Portfolio: www.nickfranken.com

FAVORITE TUTORIAL:My favorite PRO EDU tutorial is Commercial Retouching workflow with Sef McCullough. Because of FS2.0, learning to isolate and working with a proper workflow my images gained so much quality! Together with his coloring tutorial my photography is next level without the need of somebody else to retouch my pictures.


ABOUT: Nick Franken (‘82) works and lives in the Netherlands. Father of 2 and a passion for photography. Working as a professional for over 11 years now and it never felt like working. It’s a lifestyle, and it take up 24 hours a day! I’m inspired by live, my clients, music and all the people around me. Live your live like you did as a kid, enjoy it together with the people I love.


FAVORITE PRODUCT:My favorite Tutorial is definitely Science Of Color With Kate Woodman, if I was born early in another lifetime, will probably do anything to marry her lol. Her understanding of color is something beyond special and it really pushes me when it comes to my creativity and not to limit myself to just been simple. Her story telly is more than a fairy tale or fantasy but a reality to wish and leave for. I use most of her work for my inspiration and I believe I will keep learning and doing more.


ABOUT: My name is Emmanuel Ojo-Aromokundu Nickname Emmy. I was born in Nigeria where I started my studies from Microbiology to me moving to South Africa to study Electrical Engineering. I started to operate the camera during this period, starting with video work until I was able to save some money to buy my first camera. I started playing with nature from flower to animals, then people. I was finally able to come to a conclusion that shooting people’s portraits and fashion is my passion, communicating with people, meeting new people, visiting new places and helping people create a long memory of special moments. Trust me when I say, that's a feeling to die for. Photography is my life and my heart beats for every shutter.


Portfolio: emmyphotography.co.za


FAVORITE TUTORIAL:My Favorite ProEDU Tutorial is the Composite Photography with Erik Almas. It was a really good in depth tutorial inside the workflow of a successful working Photographer that I admire.


ABOUT: Award winning intimate, lifestyle, and portrait photographer. Obsessed with all things beautiful, dramatic, and macabre. Russian immigrant running around in the Pacific NorthWest, snapping photos and taking names.


Portfolio: pdxboudoir.com

George C. Mitchell, Jr. is a published Food, Beverage, and Editorial Portrait Photographer dedicated to preserving the integrity and standards of professional photography.

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FAVORITE TUTORIAL:Food & Beverage w/Rob Grimm. It was my first purchase with PRO EDU and is the perfect foundation for anyone looking to enter Food & Beverage photography. 


ABOUT:George C. Mitchell, Jr. is a published Food, Beverage, and Editorial Portrait Photographer dedicated to preserving the integrity and standards of professional photography.

A native of Inkster, Michigan, George holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Tele-Communications & Film from Eastern Michigan University. George’s food and beverage work has often been described as meticulous and visually stunning and has become known for his ability to manipulate shadows and bend light.  

As a member of the PRO EDU community of photographers, George has collaborated with its members on numerous projects and has had the opportunity to learn directly from the community’s founders.


Portfolio: gmitchellphoto.com



He is the person I admire the most in the photography world and watch him work was amazing. The way he controls light is remarkable.

I learned a lot about light and more with his tutorial and to be able to add some of his techniques to my work was priceless.

ABOUT: Simon is a Peruvian artist known for his impeccable lighting technique who has shown with his work of painterly portraits that the key to success is to make things as simple as possible. His style and color palette refer to classical painters of the Renaissance, the Baroque, and the Rococo era like Raphael, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Velásquez, Rubens, Boucher, Goya, among others. Simon's work combines a classic, painterly aesthetic with the finesse of modern portraiture.

Portfolio: simondiez.com


FAVORITE TUTORIAL:The Science Of Color With Kate Woodman.

ABOUT: Barbara MacFerrin is an award winning fine art portrait photographer based in Boulder, Colorado. Inspired by old master paintings of the Baroque period, she can capture unique beauty to display in timeless, fine art portraits. Her intention is to capture her subjects' true essence and to create not just photographs, but works of art.


Portfolio: barbaramacferrinphotography.com


FAVORITE TUTORIAL:Commercial Color Grading With Sef McCullough


ABOUT:I'm a photographer based in Wilmington, North Carolina, specializing in portrait, personal branding, and commercial & advertising photography . I’ve always been drawn to people and what drives them. Prior to photography, I worked as a psychotherapist, a career counselor, and as an university academic advisor. My training in those fields taught me the power of intentionality, which I believe is why I’ve been able to enjoy a fruitful career as a photographer. For me, photography is about more than taking a nice image, it’s about helping my clients achieve what they’re looking for.


Portfolio: kevintitusphoto.com

SHIAN BANG pro edu pro team photographer


Favorite PRO EDU Tutorial: I would say, Introduction To Dramatic Portraiture With Chris Knight, is the defining tutorial that really made me fall in love with going ahead to choose Pro Edu. His understanding of lighting on subjects is really what made me go ‘Wow! this is how you tell stories with light!’ and it really made me into the photographer I am today.


ABOUT: Shian Bang is a portrait photographer based in Singapore. He specializes more in fine art, cinematic and narrative portraits,
having been largely influenced by the films he’s watched and grew up with. He started out as a photographer in the SAF, during his National Service, before embarking to be a travel photographer in Thailand, traveling around the region, covering various subjects in the country.


Portfolio: bangphoto.net


FAVORITE TUTORIAL:My favorite tutorial is BEAUTY AND PORTRAIT RETOUCHING BY PRATIK NAIK. This tutorial became the base of my learning in the photo community and help me grow as a retoucher. Taking a beautiful image can easily be destroyed with bad retouching. Pratik Naik's tutorial offers a professional workflow that maintains skin texture and realism of your subject. I learned so much from this tutorial.


ABOUT: Carlos Rendon is a photographer and retoucher in Idaho, USA. His love of photography began at the age of 21. He is inspired by the people that highlight his work. He has also worked with many photographers in the industry as a retoucher. Carlos continually strives to improve his skill and knowledge of photography and retouching and strives to one day be an educator in the field. Carlos lives happy in Idaho with his wife and 3 children.


Portfolio: carlosrendonphoto.com


FAVORITE TUTORIAL: A top PRO EDU tutorial for me (if not the top) is the ADVANCED CED TEXTURE CLEANUP | FREQUENCY SEPARATION 2.0 tutorial. FS 2.0 is a total game-changer when it comes to editing images. Product, architecture, interior, landscape, portrait-- FS 2.0 can fix it all. I went into the tutorial not really knowing much about Frequency Separation and came out on the other side with a set of skills that I now use on every single image I retouch. It’s such a versatile tool to have in the Photographer’s Tool Box.


ABOUT:Dave Schick is a photographer and digital artist in Groton, CT. His current focus is beverage photography, conceptual portraits, and digital art. His gear lineup includes a Fuji X-T2, various speedlights, and Pixapro strobes. Dave has had artwork exhibited at Hygienic Galleries in New London, CT as well as Expressions Gallery in New London, CT. He is active in several photography-related online communities.


Portfolio: daveschickphotography.com