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Photoshop Overlays For Portrait And Composite Photographers

The best photographers, artists and designers in the world have been using Overlays for years to create their famous photos. It's not a secret that professional photographers, artists and designers use Photoshop Overlays for Portraiture & Composite Artists to achieve their signature look. But what if you're a beginner? How can you get started using this tool without spending years learning how it works? This is where our composite pack comes in! We've created an easy-to-use library of high quality overlays that are ready to be used by anyone who has Adobe Photoshop installed on their computer. All of these overlays were designed with beginners in mind so they are super easy to use even if you've never touched Photoshop before!
The best photoshop overlay packs for portrait and composite artists. Perfect for comicon shoots.


Overlays, to put it simply, are one of the easiest and most popular ways to add additional elements to images that weren’t available during the photoshoot, or are too difficult to capture in camera. This is the beginners guide to getting the most out of Photoshop Overlays.

Typically through the use of Blend Modes, these Overlays can easily blend into the base image without the need for any time-consuming masking with tools like the Pen Tool. This is possible through the various types of Blend Modes available in Photoshop that instantly give the user different effects from Overlays, usually created on a black background and then quickly blended into the image.  


"This bundle was built for people like me! It literally has everything I need! Now that I have it, I can't imagine doing composites without it! Dustin really understands the depths of what composite photographers need & nailed it with this pack. 10 out of 10!!!"


Portrait Photographer

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Each Overlay pack are all created and shot on black giving you the ultimate control in Blend Modes to seamlessly add them to your images in your editing software.


Designed and produced by our PRO EDU instructors, these Overlay packs are the same packs used to create high end composite and portraiture imagery at the highest level.


Buy each of the 14 packs individually or bundle all and save over 80% off. Get over 2420 packs when you bundle all of these together.


Don't worry about losing your assets, you can re-download them from PRO EDU if your ever lose them at no extra cost.


"I've asked myself several times if I really need to spend over $ 100 on it. When I bought and used it for my commercial jobs, I found the answer is YESSSSS. Worth every penny, saved me a lot of time. PRO EDU as always delivered awesome quality product, thank you!"

-Sebastian M.

Composite Photographer

Photoshop composite overlays from pro edu bundle.
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