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Layer Mask Magazine | PRO EDU

Layer Mask is the perfect way to get to know an artist's workflow and see their work in print format. Each issue features a different photographer and dissects the steps they took to create their image, from the RAW file to the finished product. You'll be able to download the PDF and ePUB versions of each issue so you can follow along and learn from the best!

Jake Hicks - Issue no. 1

Having been a freelance photographer for over a decade, I have been fortunate enough to be involved with some very varied and influential clients. They have chosen me to represent their companies image and ideals because my work is always about ensuring a progressive aesthetic to any given campaign, with my results always standing out for the right reasons.

Kate Woodman Issue no. 2

Born in Darmstadt, Germany, Kate Woodman was brought up in Connecticut and currently calls Portland, Oregon home. A structural preservation engineer by training, Kate developed her love of photography in 2011 while investigating earthquake damage in New Zealand. What began as a compulsion to document the environment expanded into a fascination for capturing portraits. This, in conjunction with her love for all things classical, render her aesthetic clean and timeless—a nod to the past but assuredly modern in appeal.

Download Issue No. 3

Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk is a Dutch contemporary artist.

Her creative path began with liquid pigments and a brush, but, as life so often does, her path took her away from painting. In claiming space for her creative practice, Gemmy, picked up a camera and started experimenting. “This became a way for me to paint again” Through the manipulation of light and pixels, Gemmy began creating work that exists somewhere in-between painting and photography.

Justin Lister Issue No. 4

Justin Listeris an internationally published portrait photographer based in Kansas. He shoots weddings as well a commercial and editorial projects. When shooting weddings, he is focused on beautiful light and expression. “I work very hard to make interactions genuine and fun for the bride and groom. After light, expression and the wedding clients experience are the most important part of a wedding photograph,. If they aren't having fun, what is the point?” After the wedding, Justin compiles and edits every photo by hand in a custom album to tell the perfect story of your wedding.


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