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Cinema 4D is a powerful 3D software tool used by photographers for creating realistic images. Our Cinema 4D Training & Certification Courses For Photographers Maxon Partners offer the best way to learn this software and what it can do for your business. The comprehensive 6-week online course is taught by master trainer Dustin Valkema, with over 100 videos, assignments, quizzes, 3d models, files, and access to a small private community. You'll learn how to create the most realistic images for photography and commercial products with C4d, and get Redshift FREE with the course.
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As a certified training partner with Cinema 4D from Maxon, you will have access to our training content, testing, and software from the industry leading CGI software development team. We work hand in hand with Maxon to ensure the highest level of training. In addition to all of our education and community, you have options to included Cinema 4D, Redshift, and the full Maxon One Suite of software included with your course.

What Is It?

Our CGI Certification course is a 6-week online course taught from PRO EDU tutorials, exclusive content, live office hours, access to a small private community, weekly testing, weekly assignments and a certification course facilitated by. The course is for those who want to learn CGI and what it can do for their business.

Who Is This For?

The CGI Certification course is designed for those who want to learn CGI. Specifically catered for creatives with a photography background looking for industry leading workflows for Cinema 4D, Octane Render Engine, and now Red Shift. This course is designed for those starting their journey into understanding the CGI pipeline.

Where Does It Happen? 

The six week course is online in a new and private website PROEDU.io specifically designed and built for this interactive course. It consists of digital tutorials, additional assets, exclusive content, live office hours, assignment submissions, testing, and a private discord community where you can interact with.

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To learn a whole new workflow and change your life access to tutorials isn't always enough, you need an immersive environment with like minded creatives. PRO EDU Courses provides a proven process for photographers, certified master trainers, software, and a private community with expert mentorship. Validate your knowledge of the software and concepts with a certification from PRO EDU.


We believe that you should never stop learning." It's one of our guiding principles at PRO EDU. We are taking that a step further with our new CGI Course by creating an environment with objective testing so that creatives can validate what they know with a certification backed by the makers of Cinema 4D and PRO EDU. There's no better way (or more affordable) to get this level of education for the digital arts than to be a part of our online six week course with Master Trainer Dustin Valkema and your peers in the course. Students that complete the course with a 90% or higher completion of assignment.


Surrounding yourself with like-minded creatives with similar goals is one of the quickest ways to excel in the creative arts. As part of this course, you will get access to a private Discord server with your classmates and access to our private 


We've taken everything we've developed for creative learning and built a brand new interactive platform exclusively for our courses. Our assigned content, testing, assignments, and access to additional resources.


Our training content for learning CGI is catered towards photographers and retouchers who want to learn the tools and workflows to create photo realistic renders that are indistinguishable from the naked eye. Our content is designed for those coming from a photography background.


As a certified training partner with Cinema 4D from Maxon, you will have access to our training content, testing, and software from the industry leading CGI software development team. We work hand in hand with Maxon to ensure the highest level


We've designed this course for working professionals. It is designed for people with full time jobs. We understand that many of you have demanding full-time workloads, families, kids, and a busy life as a creative. This is why you have up to 12 months to finish the course, if you need.  PLUS LIFETIME access to the tutorials.

The course is 6 consecutive weeks of assignments, Live Q&A's, and assigned work. If you cannot attend a specific Live Q&A, it is recorded for you and available to watch at your convenience.  If you feel like you can manage the course, tests, and assignments on your own you can successfully manage to complete the course in a longer time period, if you wish. 

The course and the Cinema 4D Software will be available for up to 12 months from the start of the course as well. So if you would like to take this course at your own pace, the PROEDU.io platform is designed to allow you to take your time and finish assignments on YOUR SCHEDULE. All students that complete the course will be issued a certificate of completion from PRO EDU and will have the option to take the Maxon Cinema 4D Certification Exam to test their knowledge in the application.


In addition to the 3 CGI For Photographers tutorials that are part of your weekly tutorial homework, we have made additional and exclusive video tutorials and content specifically for the certification preparation. This type of video content is unlocked each week and gives you additional content to help you prepare for the certification prep exam . This content broadens the Cinema 4D Application from just photography to give you a wider knowledge base if what is included and may contain special guest artists, interviews, and experts to teach you the fundamentals with up to date info.