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Welcome to making the world of CGI and PRO EDU education. We are glad you are here. Our CGI education is taught by senior-level artists and Maxon™ certified Master Trainers who want you to succeed in this industry! If you're just getting started and would like to jump right in, we have an Intro To CGI course for Photographers that comes with lifetime access. OR if six-week synchronous learning is more up your alley then take our certification course!

CGI Tutorials | Cinema 4D + PHOTOSHOP

We make tutorials in C4D for photographers.

the best cinema4d tutorials for photography and octane render shift with redshift render training for product photography
cinema 4d certificate of completion pro edu maxon certified instructors for CGI

Certification Courses Including Software

We believe that you should never stop learning." It's one of our guiding principles at PRO EDU. We are taking that a step further with our new CGI Course by creating an environment with objective testing so that creatives can validate what they know with a certification backed by the makers of Cinema 4D and PRO EDU.

There's no better way (or more affordable) to get this level of education for the digital arts than to be a part of our new online training platform that includes access to Cinema 4D software, quizzing, testing, and certification for those that pass.

Comparing RAW Files To Renders

Have you ever thought of the similarities between RAW files from a camera and renders from a CG software? They are essentially the same thing and the workflow in Photoshop is the same. Read our article on our blog to explore how we are creating educational content in CG geared towards photographers.

What is the difference between CGI and photography or RAW files and REnders. This blog explores the differences in between.
Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman 3D Model C4D cinema 4d maxon redshift training center online high end.

3D Models For Photography

One of the products we offer is 3D models both inside our tutorials and a-la-carte. With these options, we want photographers to explore the possibility of exploring creative ideas using 3d virtual assets in their photography. These are incredible tools designed by industry-leading professionals to give you more options for you and your clients.


Get all of these 3D models included FOR FREE in the Unlimited PRO PLAN. Consider that each of these high quality 3D models is retail priced at $99, and the PRO PLAN includes all of these for FREE plus thousands of tutorials and CGI education. This is a great deal! The PRO PLAN features the ultimate level of access to every tutorial (over $10,000+ value) at PRO EDU, and for a limited time gives FREE access to the all new Vysics™ Plugins and our sister company Pocket Portfolio™, for a limited time.


With Pocket Portfolio, you get a beautiful website with all the tools to grow your business. You can build an SEO-rich blog and password protect client galleries so only approved people see what they want on their page - this way it's easier than ever before for prospects find out more about how great of photographer YOU are!