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Our Mission

Unveiling The Knowledge of Working Pro's™ For Every Photographer In The World.

Our Vision

We believe that there are no secrets in photography.
Access to knowledge is a human right.
Sharing enables artists to lead richer lives.
Legacies are born from giving that which you have learned.
Growth of a community happens when we teach the generation behind us.

OUR Approach

Create tutorials that bring you the closest you can come to being an assistant on set with the industries leaders. Hear their ideas. Watch them work. Grow from the experience. Take in the how-to while hearing the logic and why. 


gary w martin | Founder & CEO

How awesome would it be if we could learn from the best artists in the world? This is what I thought to myself while on the run from the KGB during the filming of a documentary on Communism deep inside the former Soviet Union. It was then I decided that there had to be a better, and faster way, for artists to learn. And as they say, the rest is history. PRO EDU was born to create tutorials from the knowledge of Working Pro's to share with artists worldwide. Because in the end, we all need a mentor in our lives.... or many.

IG: @garywinchester

david parish | President & D.O.C

I joined PRO EDU back in 2014 as one of the first customers. I bought every tutorial as they were released. With a background in positive and performance psychology, having spent decades studying, training, and teaching the science of optimal human performance, I found PRO EDU to be in a different learning category. What made me interested in PRO EDU products was not just the how-to aspect of the learning but also the "why-to." Learning about the habits of success of Pros in the field was the critical element missing from every other tutorial I consumed. As the President and Director of Curriculum, I am leading the charge to push science into our tutorials to help others get the absolute most they can through self-guided learning.

dustin valkema - resident artist

I’m a seasoned creative artist, a student who’s spent a whole lot of time learning to learn from failure. Pushing my creative boundaries is a thriving passion of mine and I enjoy helping others do the same. Learning a new skill set can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. I see too many artists quit before starting on a new path, but pushing through that winding path will lead to fruitful creativity. I’m looking forward to using my industry experience as a Composite and CGI artist to help you dive into your new journey. It’s important to never forget that we’re all “forever students” and continuously adapting our toolbox and workflows. Let’s take the dive together and make cool shit!

IG: @dustinvalkema

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