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"To unlock the secrets of success so that artists can become working pro's."


To build an all-inclusive online library of the best photography education from the world's seasoned professionals.

In short, PRO EDU is here to help artists unlock their next level of "PRO." We realize the word PRO is subjective for everyone and means something different for everyone. With out tutorials we meet you where you are, and give you a documentary based look at how the best artists in the world succeed. At PRO EDU, we believe you should never stop learning.

Gary W. Martin

IG: @garywinchester

I founded PRO EDU in my head in 2007 while serving in the United States Peace Corps. Let me explain. I lived in a village with a wooden outhouse (brrr), dirt roads, and we burned our trash; wine was served at breakfast. I took a horse & carriage to work.

It was a beautiful culture, and the people I met were some of the best humans I would ever meet. It's there that I knew that I wanted to learn photography, but not from a book. I needed access to others.

I needed to see how others worked, but I was cut off from information. I was living in a town that could have been in 1903. I knew that there had to be a better way.

Fast forward to 2012. Around that time, I decided that I wanted to make the most comprehensive tutorials that provided a better value than college for a cost comparable to coffee. I worked with Aaron Nace from Phlearn in and around Chicago, and we were making tutorials.

PRO EDU was officially formed in 2014, and I'm proud to say that we are still working towards that goal. I've met thousands of artists, and I've had the opportunity to learn from some of my idols.

I love photography, and I'm lucky that I get to make a product that helps other people lead and pursue a creative life.

My favorite artist of all time is Sandro Miller, and I was fortunate enough to meet him, make a tutorial, and almost die twice with him in Papua New Guinea.