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Who Is Photographer Jordan Viison? PRO EDU Podcast Interview

Who Is Photographer Jordan Viison? PRO EDU Podcast Interview

Who Is Photographer Jordan Viison? Uncovering Insights in a PRO EDU Podcast

Photographer Jordan Viison, known for his talented portrayal of nostalgia and storytelling, recently joined host Gary Martin in an episode of the PRO EDU Podcast on the Learn platform. As an captivating visual artist, Jordan has captured the attention of audiences with his unique perspective on art and photography. In this podcast, listeners get an in-depth view of Jordan's creative journey, artistic philosophy, and the influences that have shaped his work.

One of the fascinating aspects of Jordan Viison's work lies in his ability to evoke feelings of nostalgia through his photography. Combining elements of pop culture and cherished memories, he manages to create images that truly resonate with viewers. Drawing inspiration from cartoons and other visual media from his childhood, Jordan has honed his skills and crafted a distinct style that showcases his passion for storytelling.

Throughout the podcast, Jordan offers valuable insights into his personal and professional experiences in the ever-evolving world of photography. From the challenges he faces as a creative individual to the importance of perseverance and dedication to one's craft, this conversation with Jordan Viison is a must-listen for anyone interested in the world of photography and visual arts.

Key Takeaways

  • Jordan Viison is a skilled photographer known for capturing nostalgic and storytelling moments.
  • The PRO EDU Podcast with host Gary Martin offers an in-depth look into Jordan's creative journey and artistic philosophy.
  • Influenced by cartoons and other visual media from his childhood, Jordan's work showcases his passion for storytelling and unique style.

Meet Photographer Jordan Viison

Jordan Viison, also known as Eric Jordan II, is an Atlanta-based photographer known for his creative and nostalgic storytelling through visual art. He initially picked up a camera to help his friends celebrate and document their graduation. Since then, Jordan Viison has become a well-known name in the photography world, capturing the essence of the moment like no other.

As we look into his work, we can see that Jordan Viison utilizes his unique approach to capture unforgettable moments with a personalized touch. His innovative techniques and dedication to his craft have garnered him an impressive Instagram following of more than 35K. His online presence showcases not only his beautiful photography but also the passion he puts into every project.

Over the years, Jordan Viison has established himself as a highly respected freelancer in the photography industry. He even founded his own company, Jordanviision LLC, where he continues to hone his skills and create breathtaking visual narratives that resonate with his clients.

In addition to his photography work, Jordan Viison has participated in various industry events and has been a guest on the PRO EDU Podcast, where he shared his experiences, knowledge, and aspirations with host Gary Martin. By consistently pushing creative boundaries and exploring new avenues, Jordan Viison has made a strong impact in the realm of visual art.

When we observe the way Jordan Viison skillfully translates emotions and memories into timeless photographs, it is evident why he has quickly gained a large following and respect in the industry. His dedication to his art, his unique storytelling approach, and his sincere passion for what he does, makes him an inspiration to us all.

The PRO EDU Podcast Experience

We are excited to share our thoughts on the PRO EDU Podcast with host Gary Martin. As knowledgeable and engaging hosts, we aim to bring insightful conversations and valuable learning experiences to our audience.

In this particular episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing renowned photographer Jordan Viision. Known for his creative and nostalgic storytelling, Jordan's unique perspective on photography truly sets him apart from others in the industry.

When listening to the podcast, it's clear Gary shares a genuine connection with our guests. This allows for stimulating discourse, enabling our listeners to gain a deeper understanding of our guest's work while also broadening their own knowledge on the subject matter at hand. Through these exchanges, we cultivate an environment that encourages learning and growth for both our listeners and ourselves.

Our dedication to providing educational resources through our platform,, is demonstrated in the countless hours spent producing high-quality content for photographers and videographers alike. Our diverse range of topics, from technical skills to business strategies, allows us to cater to the varying needs and interests of our community.

In conclusion, the PRO EDU Podcast experience showcases not only the talents of renowned professionals like Jordan Viision but also offers a space for our audience to expand their expertise and curiosity. We're passionate about sharing these conversations and supporting the growth of our creative community.

The Artistic Philosophy of Jordan Viison

As we delve into the artistic philosophy of Jordan Viison, an Atlanta-based photographer, it's essential to examine his journey as a visual artist, his inspirations, and aspirations for the future.

Jordan Viison's past work highlights his talent for capturing the essence of various subjects through his lens. With a keen eye for detail and a unique perspective, he has managed to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary, captivating visuals. His portfolio showcases his ability to adapt to different styles and themes, reflecting his versatility as an artist.

In the present, Jordan Viison continues to hone his craft and develop his distinct style. He is committed to staying true to himself and the art he creates. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings and experiences, he infuses emotion and depth into his work. This dedication to authenticity resonates with fans and fellow artists alike.

As for the future, Jordan Viison aims to push the boundaries of his artistic abilities even further. He aspires to collaborate with other creative minds, explore new techniques, and experiment with different mediums. His drive to constantly evolve and innovate guarantees a promising and excitingly unpredictable artistic future.

Throughout his artistic journey, Jordan Viison remains committed to the values that have guided him so far: authenticity, versatility, and dedication to his craft. His philosophy on art serves as a testament to his unwavering passion and the impact it has on the artistic community.

The Power of Nostalgia

In a recent PRO EDU Podcast episode, we had the opportunity to talk with Eric "JordanViision" Jordan, a renowned visual artist and nostalgia storyteller. His work has caught the attention of many people, both on and off Instagram.

One of the aspects that sets JordanViision apart from other photographers is his unique way of capturing moments of nostalgia. Through his lens, he is able to bring back memories and tell stories that remind us of times gone by. This approach has resonated with a broad audience and helped him carve his own niche in the photography world.

We discussed the various techniques JordanViision employs in creating his nostalgic masterpieces. It often starts with carefully selecting locations and subjects that can evoke a sense of reminiscence. Then, using creative techniques like natural light, soft focus, and subtle tonality adjustments, he is able to craft images that leave a lasting impression.

In terms of equipment, JordanViision prefers to work with film cameras, which add an organic touch to his work and contribute to the nostalgia factor. He keenly selects the right film stock to accentuate the desired mood and atmosphere of the photo. This attention to detail plays a significant role in making his images stand out.

To stay connected with his audience, JordanViision actively shares his work and creative process on his Instagram page. His growing following is a testament to the power of nostalgia and the impact it can have on people. The mixture of images, behind-the-scenes content, and personal stories exemplify how photography can serve as a powerful storytelling medium.

In summary, our conversation with JordanViision illuminated how nostalgia can make a significant impact in the world of photography. His keen eye for detail, use of film cameras, and storytelling abilities enable him to produce evocative images that resonate with many. We were honored to have him on the PRO EDU Podcast and look forward to witnessing his continued success in the future.

Cartoon Influences

As we dive into Jordan Viison's photography journey, it's essential to look back at his childhood influences. Jordan reveals in his conversation with Gary Martin on the PRO EDU Podcast, the significant role that cartoons played in his development as an artist and photographer.

Our memories often play a crucial role in our creative processes, and for Jordan, this holds true. Recounting his childhood, Jordan describes how he was captivated by bold colors, dynamic characters, and fantastical settings found in cartoons. These elements compelled him to explore the world of photography and helped him create his unique artistic style.

In the podcast, he talks about how cartoons like The Jetsons, Scooby-Doo, and The Flintstones were not just sources of entertainment, but also inspirations that expanded his creative horizons. Cartoons provided him with a rich well of:

  • Visual storytelling techniques
  • Innovative color palettes
  • Character development and expressions

Jordan then makes use of these experiences to enrich his photography, which is evident in his striking and imaginative work.

Throughout the interview, it becomes clear that Jordan's passion and curiosity have always been central to his creative process. Informed by his childhood memories and love for cartoons, Jordan Viison continues to push the boundaries of photographic artistry and create works that resonate with viewers.


In our exploration of photographer Jordan Viision, we found that the PRO EDU Podcast with host Gary Martin offers insightful information about his work and the photography industry. As a renowned visual artist, Jordan Viision captures moments of nostalgia and storytelling that resonate with his audience.

We discovered that Jordan's talent and skill set have made him a prominent figure in portrait photography. His approach to his work is influenced by various factors, including the role of technology, the importance of honing workflow processes, and the value of human connection. Studying his work allows us not only to appreciate his artistry but also to learn from his experiences and techniques.

During the podcast, Gary Martin and Jordan Viision engage in a candid conversation about the ever-evolving world of portrait photography. Topics discussed include:

  • The impact of technology on the art form
  • The vital role of a well-developed workflow process
  • The importance of building genuine connections with subjects

These topics provide valuable insights into the future of portrait photography. By understanding these aspects, we can better adapt and succeed in this competitive industry.

In conclusion, the PRO EDU podcast featuring Jordan Viision is an invaluable resource for photographers looking to improve their skills, enhance their understanding of the industry, and get inspiration from accomplished professionals. We recommend giving it a listen to deepen your knowledge and enhance your photography journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the background of photographer Jordan Viison?

Jordan Viison, whose real name is Eric Jordan, is a renowned visual artist known for capturing moments of nostalgia and storytelling. His passion for photography led him to establish a successful career in the field.

Which type of photography does Jordan Viison specialize in?

Jordan Viison specializes in portrait photography and has developed a unique approach that sets him apart from other photographers. He focuses on creating images that evoke emotions, memories, and personal tales.

How did Jordan Viison develop his unique photography style?

Jordan Viison developed his unique photography style by staying true to his artistic vision and constantly experimenting with new techniques and approaches. This has allowed him to create a distinct aesthetic that resonates with his clients.

What are some notable projects and clients of Jordan Viison?

Throughout his career, Jordan Viison has worked with a wide range of clients, from individuals to brands, and has participated in numerous projects that showcase his talent as a visual artist. Some of these collaborations can be found in his interview on the PRO EDU Podcast.

What insights does Jordan Viison share on the PRO EDU Podcast?

During the PRO EDU Podcast, Jordan Viison shares valuable insights about his creative process, his journey as a photographer, and the challenges he has faced and overcome throughout his career. The conversation sheds light on what makes him such an exceptional artist.

How does the conversation with host Gary Martin unfold in the podcast?

In the podcast, host Gary Martin engages in a candid discussion with Jordan Viison about the photography industry, how it has evolved over time, and Jordan's personal experiences in the field. By delving into these topics, listeners gain a better understanding of the artist and his approach to photography.

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