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PRO EDU acquired Pocket Portfolio and Vysics

PRO EDU | Pocket Portfolio | Vysics Labs Acquisition Announcement

Today PRO EDU is announcing three new senior managing partners and the expansion of our current products and services with the acquisition of Pocket Portfolio and Vysics Labs. This partnership will...

How to improve and speed up your photoshop retouching workflow

How to Improve Your Post Production Workflow In Photoshop

Improving your retouching workflow can do more than just keep your layers in order; it can improve your efficiency and make you more creative.

Retouching Revolution: A Veteran Photographer's Take On The Complete Overhaul of Frequency Separation - PRO EDU- Earth Oliver, frequency separation, fs 2.0, Rob Grimm, Sef McCullough, texture cleanup

Retouching Revolution: A Veteran Photographer's Take On The Complete Overhaul of Frequency Separation

Hey there - this article was originally published on April 4, 2018 on our RGG EDU site. We've revamped it and made it better, just for you!    Does Retouching Need a Revolution?    Something that ...

Retouching Courses

The Top Photography & Retouching Courses Online 2019

Our Unlimited Pro Plan gives the ability to stream every single one of our top photography courses, access to all RAW files, working files, PDF's, and everything else.


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Retouching Business

The Business of Running A Retouching Business

Want the consistent—and lucrative—bread and butter retouching work? Step up your business practices. Pay as much attention to logistics and communication as you do learning the latest bells and whi...

Frequency Separation for Photoshop

Learn to Use Advanced Frequency Separation for Photoshop

Frequency separation has been used primarily within the portrait retouching world and has built a pretty bad name for itself because of how easy it is to overdo, making faces look over-processed an...

Color Grading Workflow

Color Grading Workflow

Color grading is indeed a term pulled directly from cinema. It has connections to film stock choices and the goal to achieve a look. But grading is only recently as common in still photography.

3D LUT Profiles

What are 3D LUT Profiles

Professional color grading has become one of the most essential qualities of high end commercial visual photography work in modern culture. Learn about one-click high-end color grading with 3D LUT ...