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What Peter Lindbergh Taught Me About Feminism in Fashion Photography

What Peter Lindbergh Taught Me About Feminism in Fashion Photography

Female photographers have an even greater responsibility, not because of patriarchal conspiracy, but because we know the female experience. If we are, as Lindbergh says, “reflecting an image of wom...

How to model test and set up a modeling shoot with any modeling agency or model.

How To Start Modeling Shoots With Agencies For Model Testing

Elizabeth Wiseman is a fashion and commercial photographer with studios based in St. Louis, MO and Knoxville, TN. Before her photography career, Elizabeth actually worked in a modeling agency.

Textures for Fun & Profit

Textures for Fun & Profit: 5 Ways to Use Textures in Your Images

As image makers we love playing with photos to create different looks. And for many of us textures often play a big part of crafting those looks, letting us transform a nice, clean photo into somet...

Color Grading Workflow

Color Grading Workflow

Color grading is indeed a term pulled directly from cinema. It has connections to film stock choices and the goal to achieve a look. But grading is only recently as common in still photography.


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3D LUT Profiles

What are 3D LUT Profiles

Professional color grading has become one of the most essential qualities of high end commercial visual photography work in modern culture. Learn about one-click high-end color grading with 3D LUT ...