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GRUNGE RAW Backdrops

This Grime City Texture Pack is a collection of grungy city textures great for portraits, composites, and graphic design elements. Use these textures to add interest to simple portraits shot in the studio or create printable canvas backdrops for your studio.

Comes with 100 RAW+ images shot on the 42 MP Sony A7 R III plus 100 8K resolution JPEG's that have been lightly processed and exported, ready for use in JPEG format. Plus you have the additional options to process your own from the RAW files provided for your own creative use. These files can be used for printing custom backdrops, swapping digital backdrops, retouching, composites, graphic design, posters, and anything you can come up with.

We travelled the globe to shooting 10,000+ images from dozens of cities on multiple continents. Photoshop textures offer endless creativity in post production allowing you to create backgrounds, subtle textures, depth or add visual interest and color to your final images.

The City Textures Master Collection includes a variety of grunge, grime, steel, aged walls, urban decay, and a variety of other urban textures and surfaces in high-resolution photographs captured in New York, Washington D.C, Puerto Rico, São Paulo, Cartagena, Austin, Chicago, L.A, and more. 

Check out the other 3 Master Collections of City Textures: The Portrait City Textures & Backdrops, The Stone City Textures & Backdrops, or get the Mix Pack that contains a sampling of all 3 types.


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Pocket Portfolio INCLUDED

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Pocket Portfolio is $348 per year, and is free with the PRO PLAN. Your Pocket Plan comes with 250GB of storage for client galleries and file backup & delivery. Information to sign up is emailed to you after you begin your PRO PLAN membership.

Vysics Plugins Included In PRO PLAN

Starting November 16th, Vysics Plugin Access panels like ToneLab™, GrainLab™, EdgeLab and future unreleased access panels are now available for free to all active PRO PLAN members, with free upgrades to new versions and new plugins with membership.


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