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Summer Internship 2019

Job Overview:

PRO EDU is looking for summer interns to assist with the production and marketing of the best photography education in the world. The internship can focus primarily on photography/film production and be attached to our production team, or focus on marketing and be attached to our marketing team.

About PRO EDU:

PRO EDU works with the best photographers in the world to create the most comprehensive photography & post-production education offered anywhere. We are a team of artists, producers, directors, photographers, editors, and filmmakers with an obsessive compassion for detail, cinematography, and creative learning. 

What We Believe In
We believe in the success of risky behavior.
We believe in taking education more seriously than ourselves.
We believe that having fun is the most effective way to learn.
We believe working pros possess the important secrets to sustainable success.
We believe that believing is more important than talking.
We believe that learning is more fun than knowing.

Intern Eligibility, Skills & Requirements

This internship requires a basic understanding of marketing, advertising, social media, or photography. 

Core Responsibilities

  • Photography Assisting on Shoots
  • Gear and Studio Management
  • Assist in the project management of design creation for new product launches, website assets, content marketing assets, promotions and campaigns (images, videos, banners, email design, etc.)
  • Research in the photography industry
  • Social Media Posting
  • Running Errands

Required Skills

  • Social Media
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Basics & Best Practices
  • High Degree of Communication 
  • Project Mangement
  • Typing & Editing English
  • Willingness To Figure Out The Unknown
  • Problem Solving

Time Requirements

Full-Time Available - 3-6 Months - 

Possible Full-Time Position After Internship Completion


Paid & Unpaid opportunities available.

Academic Majors

Communications, Advertising, Marketing, Graphic Design, Photography

Application Process

To apply for this position, please email a cover letter and resume in PDF format with links to any of your work to to gary@PROEDU.com with the email subject "Summer Intern Application”. Please add the Cover Letter and Resume into 1 combined PDF. If you do not follow these instructions, you're application will not be considered.

In your cover letter please answer the questions

1.) Why Do You Want To Be An Intern At PRO EDU?

2.) What Magical Skills Do You Possess & How Did You Get Them?