Assistant Project Manger Position - PRO EDU

Job Overview:

We are seeking a dedicated, organized, and efficient assistant project manager to join our team. In this role, you will work with the project director and producer to coordinate our video productions. Candidate must have an eye for detail, must be a self starter, and posses an overwhelmingly positive attitude. The assistant project manager is ready to help synchronize all the project elements and make them operate successfully and under budget.

About Us: 

PRO EDU celebrates the priceless knowledge of working professionals by sharing the secrets of their experiences. Our students are photographers, graphic designers, retouching artists, and other creative entrepreneurs who desire to apply these transformative lessons to invent (and reinvent) their own business and artistic success. All stakeholders agree to apply their invaluable knowledge responsibly, creatively, and purposefully, with the additional promise of collaborating with our diverse, worldwide community.

Eligibility, Skills & Requirements

This job is for those who love organizing, tracking, and working on several projects at once. You have a strong history of managing every detail of projects with many moving parts, logistics of all those involved, and possess a great ability to see the big picture of the project. You live and breathe out of your computer and possess a history of using project management software to complete tasks on time and under budget. You are engaged in company meetings to learn about every project detail, deadline, and possible backup plan.

You must be a proven problem solver that can provide many solutions to potential problems. You must have expereince booking travel for clients and providing logistical support for traveling teams.

Huge bonus if you know photography really well!

Core Responsibilities

    • Maintain studio calendar

    • -  Establish production schedules

    • -  Oversee production budget and purchasing

    • -  Manage production finances, from estimate, through production, to final invoice

    • -  Maintain all documents and files related to each production

    • -  Shoot coordination with director and instructor

    • -  Liaison between production, post-production, and marketing

    • -  Book travel & lodging for instructors

    • -  Book travel & lodging for crew (location shoots)

    • -  Assembling crew members

    • -  Booking and coordinating with stylists

    • -  Gear rental

    • -  Gather / inventory gear for travel

    • -  Aquire permits

    • -  Source props, wardrobe, etc.

    • -  Order / arrange meals during production

    • -  Gather all necessary releases and legal documents (Talent / Location / Deal Memos / etc.)

    • -  Maintain a safe working environment

Required Skills

  • 3-5 Years Of Project Management In A Creative Environemnt 
  • Google Drive Document Creation
  • Apple OSX
  • Project Managment Softare Expereince

Job Requirements

  • Contract to hire & full time position available
  • Competitive compensation
  • On-Location in St. Louis. No remote positions available

Application Process

To apply for this position, please follow the 4 directions below and email your application to If you miss any of these instructions you will not be considered.

1.) Attach all documents in a PDF format. We will not accept word documents, rich text, Pages documents, or anything else. Use only PDF and include all of these documents into 1 PDF file. Please do not attach multiple PDF's.

2.) Draft a cover letter PDF that answers the following 3 questions. You may include any other relevant info about yourself as well!  

  1. Why do you love project mangement?
  2. Why are you obsesses with details?
  3. What is it about PRO EDU that makes you want to work and build a long term career here.

3.) Attach a resume that shows your relevant work experience in PDF format.

4.) Use the subject of your email: Assistant Project Manager Application

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