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In this section of her tutorial Luxe Portraiture and Retouching, Jai Mayhew shares how she approaches consultations and scheduling. While those two words sound like dry business practices, it’s clear from Jai’s explanation that they’re actually integral parts of setting client expectations, creating a fantastic photoshoot experience, and prepping the sale.
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In this blog post you'll learn what concrete steps you can take to create a solid price structure that will work for both you and your business.
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The team at Intuition have graciously decided to gift 3 backdrops to 2 deserving photographers to celebrate the launch of Luxe Portraiture via our Backdrop Giveaway.
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Jai Mayhew is a luxury portrait photographer who has built a 6 figure business through word-of-mouth, but the most important part of what Jai does isn’t necessarily her amazing customer service or her gorgeous photos: it’s her “why.”
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The 6 Week Synchronous course was designed with one idea in mind: to teach photographers the basics of CGI so they can move into the marketplace, defend and grow their market presence successfully. To do that, we designed a foundational course that walks photographers through the fundamentals of CGI using Maxon’s industry-standard software, Cinema 4D.
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Is CGI a threat to photographers? Well, quite frankly, the answer is yes. In my opinion, CGI is a threat to photographers that struggle to embrace change and the evolution of the photography industry. You see, I don't by any means believe that the photography industry is dying; it's merely evolving and making complex problem solving for clients easier. 
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A rep is short for “representative” and is often referred to as a Photo Agent or Photographer’s Agent. An agent can come in many forms and contribute a variety of faculties to a photographer’s business.
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"Is Cinema 4D hard to learn?" is a question we get asked a lot as artists are looking into our CGI tutorials. In this video, Dustin Valkema talks about the 3D software and how he approached learning it for the first time.
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To cap off the year, we asked our community members to submit and vote on their favorite photographs of 2020, and they did not disappoint! From food photography to fine-art portraits, they shared work that proves how deep the skill and talent runs in the PRO EDU family.
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A virtual studio works no matter where you shot your subject, no matter what light you used, no matter what angle you chose. And you’re never locked into a single studio space. You’ve got a world of possibilities available, rain or shine.
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There are various approaches one can take to create conceptual portraiture. Sound logic will tell you to pre-plan your concept before the shoot and to do so in as much detail as possible.
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