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CGI Education and 3D Models on Cinema 4D is the perfect way to learn how to create stunning three-dimensional images. Our online tutorials are easy to follow and will help you build the skills you need to create beautiful CGI photography. With our Maxon-certified school, you can be sure that you're learning from the best instructors in the business.


CGI Education For Photographers will help you take your commercial photography to the next level! Sign up for CGI for photographers today and get started with Cinema 4D.

PRO EDU makes CGI & C4D tutorials for photographers.


We make tutorials in C4D for photographers that explore the relationship between creating renders and then bringing them to life and retouching them in Adobe Photoshop. A workflow any retoucher will find very familiar from a RAW camera workflow.

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  • PRO EDU has a 6 week CGI course for photographers


    We believe that you should never stop learning." It's one of our guiding principles at PRO EDU. We are taking that a step further with our new CGI Course by creating an environment with objective testing so that creatives can validate what they know with a certification backed by the makers of Cinema 4D and PRO EDU. There's no better way (or more affordable) to get this level of education for the digital arts than to be a part of our new online training platform that includes access to Cinema 4D software, quizzing, testing, and certification for those that pass.



    Actual students love CGI for Photographers

    Ashley explains how much better his workflow in C4D has improved and how he reached his next level of PRO!

    Comparing Raw Files To CGI Renders with PRO EDU

    Comparing Raw Files To Renders

    Have you ever thought of the similarities between RAW files from a camera and renders from a CG software? They are essentially the same thing and the workflow in Photoshop is the same. Read our article on our blog to explore how we are creating educational content in CG geared towards photographers.

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    PRO EDU's CGI Models

    3D Models For Photography

    One of the products we offer is 3D models both inside our tutorials and a-la-carte. With these options, we want photographers to explore the possibility of exploring creative ideas using 3d virtual assets in their photography. These are incredible tools designed by industry-leading professionals to give you more options for you and your clients.

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    3D Models For Photography

    Upgrade your next photoshoot and don't get left behind in CGI!

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