Master Collection | 10 Photoshop Actions for Color

Get All 10 Photoshop Actions for Color by Kate Woodman in The Master Collection


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With this Master Collection we've combined all 10 Photoshop Actions for Color created by Kate Woodman. Compatible with Photoshop, the collection includes Rainforest, Rust, Carnivale, Midnight, Spring Court, Mona Lisa, Golden Rose, Copper, Frontier, and Gloaming. 

Created and used by Kate, these actions were designed for specific images while maintaining versatility to work on a wide variety of images and styles. 

Color Grading with Photoshop Actions

These 10 Photoshop Actions allow photographers and retouchers to quickly achieve creative color grades on their images to create mood, enhance narrative, and evoke emotion. You don't have to be an expert in Photoshop in order to use these actions effectively. Layers within each action are organized and labeled in order to communicate what action they will be accomplishing, allowing for customization and adjustments to fit your unique image.

Accessing the layers also allows users to explore Kate's color workflow and layering process in order to then create your own unique looks or actions.

Check out Kate's tutorial The Science of Color to learn more about color theory and how to masterfully control color grading in your images.

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